Vendisys’ innovative solution takes the pain out of lead generation with fast, effective solutions powered by artificial intelligence.

Our proprietary prospecting engine, Vendisys’ Converna®, finds and delivers the right leads. We call these leads PALs®—short for Powerful Actionable Leads—because we ensure every one is a high-level decision maker ready to engage.

Vendisys’ Converna and PALs radically transform your sales funnel
Yielding big results for your business:

Grow your sales funnel by
up to 5X
Reach decision makers up to
10X faster
Close deals up to
5X bigger

We reshape your sales funnel

Sales funnels traditionally come in two varieties: long and lean or short and fat. Vendisys’  AI-driven system transforms yours into something else entirely—with incredible results.

Long and lean

A time-consuming combination of high friction and high touch, this funnel does yield qualified leads, but usually just a handful—only about 5%—of prospects make it through.

Short and fat

This funnel’s main goal is to move prospects through it fast, whether they’re the right people or not. The result is more leads, but less quality—and a waste of your team’s time.

Just right
(the Vendisys funnel)

Using AI to target high-level decision makers and engage them all the way though the sales process, Converna quickly converts 60% of what goes into your funnel into PALs.

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